Raurisertal - the valley of springs Genuinely refreshing.

More than 300 natural springs, imposing waterfalls and rushing mountain streams: The wealth of water in Rauris Valley, here in Hohe Tauern National Park, is impressive. Very good reason, then, why the Raurisertal is known as Salzburg’s “Valley of Springs”. 

Experience the waters of Rauris Valley

Take a gulp of refreshing Rauris spring water, listen to the soothing babble of a mountain stream, or treat your feet to an invigorating dip. In Rauris Valley you have many opportunities to experience and enjoy this precious natural element.

The Rauris locals are proud of their fresh spring water, which they have long since added to their array of unique products – and rightly so! Only around 0.3% of the water on Earth has the same quality as the spring water here in Rauris!
You simply have to treat yourself to a drink of our fresh spring water: Out on hikes in Rauris Valley, you will pass by 60 drinking fountains where you can enjoy a mouthful of this crystal-clear water. Information boards at these fountains provide facts about the water hardness, the spring itself as well as its adoptive “caregiver”".

You will discover a place of genuine power just 30 minutes’ walk from the Bodenhaus, in Upper Hüttwinkltal: the Rauriser UrQuell. Ceaselessly, Rauris spring water bubbles up from deep within the Earth. A specially created hiking loop, comfortable seats and fountains with drinking water invite you to visit and enjoy.
“Far removed from the daily routine” and in the midst of virgin countryside, you will find this paradise of natural springs, a place where you can escape and discover renewed sources of energy. Enjoy the pleasant peace & quiet – Except for the babble of Rauris spring water and the twitter of birds, nothing else can be heard here at the Rauriser UrQuell.
Just a little above the Rauriser UrQuell is the so-called “Forest Secret”: a small forest lake which, from one day to the next – in mysterious fashion – simply disappears and then reappears seemingly at will.

In the Seidlwinkltal of Rauris, this valley of pilgrims and sumpters, along the water theme path you will learn interesting facts about Rauris’ spring water. The path leads from the Fleckweide car park past the Gollehenalm, Palfneralm, the mighty Spritzbach Waterfall to the over 500-year-old Tauernhaus. The hike lasts about 3 hours (around 560 meters in gains).
In 2014, as part of the ORF-sponsored "9 places - 9 treasures", Seidlwinkltal was crowned the most beautiful place in all of SalzburgerLand!

Playfully, children are able to discover and interact with water at various water “playgrounds” – including the gold-panning site at the Bodenhaus, the Naturfreundehaus in Kolm Saigurn, as well as the Summererpark close to the center of Rauris. There, youngsters will have a great time playing on a floating raft and crawling through tunnels, amongst other things.

Kitzlochklamm in Taxenbach represents true natural beauty, imposing testimony to the power of water. A walk through the gorge (hiking loop) takes around 1.5 hours.

Kitzloch Gorge