Town Folk Band Taxenbach

Taxenbach town folk band plays a multitude of roles, regardless of musical genres. From ceremonies both public and sacred, to concerts featuring a variety of instrumentation and a repertoire tailored to various occasions, musical styles ranging from traditional march music to pieces featuring international contemporary compositions.

"Music is the breath of my soul"  
Franz Liszt

Nurturing village folk culture, the musical variety of wind music, special youth programs and promoting a sense of community are all a major focus of our organization.

Our band can boast many highlights in its long history:
 * New uniforms and a name change in 1961
 * Television appearances in 1991/1992 and 1995;
 * CD productions in 1991 and 2001
 * Participation in concert and marching contests 
 * Appearance at the 1999 Austrian Concert Competition in Feldkirchen representing Salzburg province
 * Big anniversary festival and new uniforms in 2001  
 * Concert tour of China, 2004
 * "Symphony of Hope" on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Austrian National Charter in 2005.

 The main role of our band is to support and enrich secular and sacred events in our community.

 An annual highlight is the spring concert on the last Saturday in April.

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