Rauris Virgin Forest Natural beauty in Kolm Saigurn

Rauris Virgin Forest at the Kolm Saigurn valley head is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Rauris Valley. In summer, this centuries-old, pristine Sturzwald greets visitors with over 80 dark moorland ponds, spruce, pine, lush green moss and romantic clearings. In winter, Rauris Virgin Forest can be explored on snowshoes.

Award-Winning Rauris Virgin Forest

Rauris Virgin Forest in Kolm Saigurn is one of Austria’s most special natural jewels, a fact that is well known far beyond Rauris Valley itself. Since summer 2014, we are particularly proud to boast a very special additional distinction: Rauris Virgin Forest was recognized as one of the 33 best theme paths in Austria!
In 2012, the theme path through Rauris Virgin Forest – which, incidentally, was the very first of all the visitor attractions inside Hohe Tauern National Park – underwent “renovations”. The National Park Headquarters commissioned the Haus der Natur and the Andreas Zangl architectural firm with redesign of the existing path. In the past summer, experts from E.C.O (Ecology. Communication. Organisation) examined 130 theme paths based on a set of stringent quality criteria, selecting from these the best 33 – which included Rauris Virgin Forest!

View into the Virgin Forest

In winter, You can explore the Rauris Virgin Forest by taking a guided snowshoe hike. Set out accompanied bay a National Park Ranger - and , with a Little bit of luck, even discover of our wild animals

Dates:Every Friday from 28.12.2018 to 29.03.2019
Meets:Bodenhaus car park at 10:10 a.m., Returns ca. 3 p.m.
Fees:Euro 17 per Person (Children and youths ages 10 - 16 accomanied by parents free). Participants with the Rauris Guest Card free of charge. Excludes fees for Transportation and sleds (ca. Euro 15 per Person)
Requirements:The free valley bus will take You form Rauris town Center to Alpengasthof Bodenhaus and back.

Out on the marked “Rauris Virgin Forest” theme path, in around 1.5 hours you will learn fascinating facts about this precious natural landmark.

Hikes through Rauris Virgin Forest
Variant 1: 
Starting point is the Lenzanger car park (toll road from Kolm Saigurn, from Bodenhaus car park to Lenzanger car park). From here, path No. 31 leads to the Durchgangalm. Keep right – below the Gainschnigg Alm you will find the entrance to Rauris Virgin Forest (theme path No. 30). From the Ammererhof along the Kolmstrasse back to Lenzanger car park. 
Lasts: ca. 1.5 - 2 hours
Difficulty: easy, ca. 200 vertical meters (vm) 

Variant 2: 
From the Ammererhof to the Gainschnigg Alm and via theme path No. 30 back to the Ammererhof. 
Lasts: ca. 1 hour
Difficulty: easy, ca. 200 vm

Want to leave your car behind? 
Postbus No. 640 will take you from Rauris to Kolm Saigurn and back again.

Guided National Park Excursion Summer 2020

Dates:Every Monday from 13.07. to 07.09.2020
Meets:Lenzanger car park at 1 p.m., returns ca. 5 p.m.
Fees:Euro 12 per person (children and youths ages 6 – 16 accompanied by parents free). Participants with the Rauris Guest Card or National Park Summercard free of charge. 
Requirements:Challenging summer excursion, approx. 3 hours of total walking time, 200 m of altitude.
Other:No registration required.
The bus no 640 will take you from Rauris town center to car park Lenzanger and back (against payment).

Accompany the austrian skistar Alexandra Meissnitzer together with a Nationalpark Ranger through the virgin forest of Rauris to the alpine hut "Gainschniggalm" for a traditional fritter: