Our contribution to the Austrian nature

We are climate friendly.

As a winter and summer mountain railroad, it is our goal - in partnership with the tourism association - to bring tourism and nature into harmony. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and are actively committed to fair, sustainable tourism development.

Our commitment to "GREEN. GONDELN." includes numerous measures with which we are constantly taking new steps towards a fair use of our natural resources. We continuously focus on innovative, environmentally friendly technologies and promote initiatives that not only protect the natural beauty of our region, but also enable an environmentally conscious travel experience.

Together we are working to ensure that the wonders of our landscape are preserved for future generations and that responsible tourism is possible at the same time.

What measures mean GREEN. GONDELN.?

Company-owned hydropower plant

Since 1986, we at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen have been relying on the power of nature: 70% of our electricity needs are covered by our own hydroelectric power plant. This environmentally friendly electricity is fed into the public grid, thus actively contributing to improving the climate balance of the Salzburg region. The electricity purchased from the supplier is also 100% certified green electricity. We purchase compensation certificates from the United Nations for the emissions that we are unable to reduce further.

Our reservoir pond, with a capacity of 60,000 cubic meters, plays a dual role in our sustainability concept: in winter, we use the stored water for environmentally friendly snowmaking on our slopes. In summer, the pond is transformed into an idyllic recreational oasis in the middle of the mountains. The pond is naturally replenished every year through the natural supply of meltwater.

certificate green electricity
Sustainable mobility

Arrival by bus and train
Despite the lack of a direct train connection to Rauris, we work closely with local transport providers to ensure a seamless journey by train and bus. From Taxenbach you can reach us by bus on weekdays and at weekends with our efficient guest shuttle service, which takes you directly to the Rauris Valley. For guests traveling from the province of Salzburg, we offer a free arrival and departure with the purchase of a ski ticket in cooperation with the Salzburg Transport Association. In summer, we promote the use of the climate ticket in a campaign with the best Austrian summer mountain railroads: if you travel with it, you will receive a 10% discount on our ascent and descent.

Electric charging stations
We also support environmentally conscious travel by providing e-charging stations in the village.

When you arrive in Rauris, we are committed to environmentally friendly mobility, allowing you to leave your car behind and use our free ski bus in winter. This takes you directly to the cable cars so that you can start your skiing fun in a relaxed manner. We are constantly trying to expand the network and frequency of the ski bus line in cooperation with the tourism association.

A parking lot as a CO² storage facility is unique in Austria.
Thanks to a patented system of larch wood grates, which are laid on the green meadow in the fall, it can be used as a parking lot in winter. The slits in the grating allow the ground to breathe and the weight of the car is distributed on the grating so that the ground is not compacted. In spring, the grids are removed from the field, stacked up and the meadow can be cultivated again by the farmer. NO soil sealing and with every car parking space CO² is bound in the larch wood.

Discover Rauris in a sustainable way - for the sake of our nature. Everything is possible!

Efficient snow management

With the snow depth measurement built into the snow groomers, the snow level can be read in centimetres and the team of snow groomer operators can distribute the snow efficiently, saving unnecessary artificial snow production for the slopes. Every year, the snowmaking data is recorded and weighed up for the coming seasons to determine exactly where and how much snow is produced in order to have the exact amount of snow where it can then be efficiently distributed by the snow groomer. Each gun only produces the amount of snow that we determine in advance. Saving electricity means saving working time. It should be noted that the water we use is only used temporarily as snow and flows back into the water cycle unpolluted as melt water in the spring. Some of it is even returned to the reservoir, which serves as a recreational area during the summer so that it can be used on the slopes again in winter.

Animal and nature conservation

In winter, Rauriser Hochalmbahnen is actively involved in environmental and animal protection by supporting the "Respect your borders" initiative. We install signs and boundary fences to protect the natural habitat of our wild animals and raise awareness of this important issue among our guests via social media.

In summer, we focus on keeping our mountains clean. We encourage guests and employees to separate waste and have set up several dog stations on the mountain to keep the surroundings clean. We also offer a special experience for children on Tilly's forest trail, where they can learn about the animal and plant world and natural resources in a playful way. We combine these measures with an attraction that delves into the history of the Rauris Valley - gold panning. In this way, we use the natural features of our region to raise awareness of environmental protection and at the same time offer an entertaining and educational experience. Our aim is to make sustainability tangible and thus contribute to raising awareness among the next generation.

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Regional employer

At Rauriser Hochalmbahnen, we are actively committed to the environment and the well-being of our employees. Our initiatives include environmentally friendly company transport with company-owned vehicles and unique offers that enrich the lives of our team while minimizing our ecological footprint.

Traffic and mobility

Our company offers stable employment opportunities all year round - with 25 jobs in summer and an increase to 50 in winter. For the sake of the environment, our employees form car pools with our company-owned vehicles. As a local employer, we save our employees from having to commute to other locations. We also promote the use of public transport by providing climate tickets, which allow free access to public transport throughout the Salzburg region.

Promotion of bicycle mobility

With our "Lease My Bike" campaign, we support our employees in leasing bicycles at low cost. This initiative not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also helps to reduce traffic emissions.

Leisure and relaxation

For relaxation and balance, we offer our colleagues the opportunity to use two National Park Cards. These cards allow them to visit numerous attractions in the area free of charge with their families. This not only promotes the well-being of our employees, but also raises awareness of the beauty and importance of our local natural landscapes.

At Rauriser Hochalmbahnen, we believe that sustainability is a journey that we embark on together with our team and our community. Join us on this journey and experience how we create jobs and protect the environment at the same time.

Waste disposal

It goes without saying that classic waste separation is practiced in all stations.

However, the waste water disposal system on the mountain is fantastic. ALL waste water from toilets, kitchens in the huts and other areas such as workshops is drained through a sophisticated sewer system from 2200m down into the valley at 900m and fed into the public sewer system. The challenge here lies in the reduction of the water pressure and its dynamics.

Oil separators in the workshops ensure that the waste water is not contaminated by mineral oils. These residues are pumped out by a disposal company and disposed of with a certificate; the grease separators in the smelters are also subject to this regulation.

Climate neutrality certified by Focus Zukunft

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing mankind since the end of the ice age. There is now a global consensus that we urgently need to limit this man-made climate change.

For this reason, we have had the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the company and the operation of our trains recorded and offset them by purchasing a total of 400 climate protection certificates. We use these certificates to support a local hydroelectric power plant in Brazil. The project is under the sovereignty of the United
Nations in accordance with the UN CER certificate standard.

Detailed information on the project can be found in the downloads: 

Why sustainability? Certificate Rauriser Hochalmbahn Project Brasilien