Mountain adventure with dogs on the Hochalm

You can't imagine a vacation without your faithful companion and would like to experience the numerous adventures and special moments on the mountain together with your dog? Then the Hochalm is the right place for you. We look forward to welcoming you and your dog. On this page you will find all the information you need for a successful trip to the Hochalm together with your four-legged friend - the perfect setting for a hiking vacation in the midst of idyllic nature.

Information for dog owners

  • Dogs are transported on the Hochalmbahn for a fee of Euro 5.00.
  • Muzzles are not compulsory in the gondola, but out of consideration for other passengers we recommend muzzling your dog.
  • Please note that dogs must be kept on a lead throughout the Hochalm area.
  • You will find dog stations throughout the Hochalm area - please use the dog waste bags and dispose of them in the waste garbage cans.
  • In the vicinity of grazing cattle, please keep your dog on a short lead and walk calmly past the cattle.
  • A day on the Hochalm with your dog will be pure joy in the midst of breathtaking nature

10 rules of conduct
for dealing with grazing livestock
  1. Avoid contact with grazing livestock. Do not feed the animals, keep a safe distance!

    2. Behave calmly, do not frighten grazing cattle!

    3. Mother cows protect their calves, avoid encounters between mother cows and dogs!

    4. Always keep dogs under control and on a short lead. If an attack by a grazing animal is foreseeable: Unleash immediately!

    5. Do not leave hiking trails on mountain pastures and meadows!

    6. If grazing cattle block the path, keep as far away as possible!

    7. When approaching grazing livestock: Stay calm, do not turn your back, avoid the animals!

    8. Leave the grazing area quickly at the first sign of restlessness!

    9. Pay attention to fences! If there is a gate, use it, then close it again and cross the pasture quickly!

    10. Treat the people working here, nature and the animals with respect!