Relaxation, barefoot trail & float adventure NATURAL IDYLL IN THE MOUNTAINS

Discover the pond on the Hochalm in the Rauris Valley as an oasis: walk barefoot, relax by the water and explore by float. Pure nature for the whole family in the National Park Hohe Tauern.


At the pond right next to the Hochalmbahn mountain station, a very special adventure area awaits families:

  • Barefoot path - revitalises the intuition
  • Float in a clear mountain lake - fun for young and old
  • Family-friendly nature experience - an oasis for all ages
  • Refreshment and relaxation - ideal for a summer vacation
  • Deceleration - with a fantastic panorama


Barefoot path

The barefoot path, a path of the senses, invites young and old to take off their shoes and experience the direct feeling of earth, grass, stone and water underfoot. Over a length of around 40 meters, this unique path leads right through the clear mountain lake. Here you can feel the refreshing and invigorating power of the water. It is an experience that not only stimulates the soles of your feet, but also intensifies your connection to nature and strengthens your appreciation of the element of water.

Float adventure

A really fun adventure awaits on the Hochalm reservoir! Imagine you are captains on a float surrounded by huge mountains. Really cool, isn't it? Here you can laugh, play and feel the real mountain experience up close. Everything is child-friendly and welcoming. Great fun for little explorers!