Hochalm - a pure mountain experience NATURE AND HIKING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE nationalPark HOHE TAUERN

With every step in nature, someone gets far more than they are looking for.

Welcome to the diverse hiking opportunities in the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen area.  This picturesque mountain landscape offers an unforgettable mountain experience for every type of hiker. Whether for pleasure hikers, summiteers or families, everyone is guaranteed to find the perfect route here to explore the untouched nature and experience the beauty of the Alps.

The starting point for all the hikes described is the Hochalmbahn mountain station.

Baby carriage way

  • Family-friendly: forest trail suitable for baby carriages (no. 116) from the Hochalm mountain station to the Heimalm middle station
  • Trail data: 2.5 km, 300 m elevation gain
  • Walking time: approx. 1 hour
  • Free rental of all-terrain baby carriages and child carriers directly at the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen lifts 

Discover the pram-friendly trail from the Hochalm mountain station to the Heimalm middle station. The hike starts at the water playground and leads to the pond, where the barefoot path and a raft await little adventurers. Surrounded by untouched nature, the route continues past blooming alpine meadows to the middle station. This route is ideal for families who want to enjoy alpine hiking together. If you are not tired yet, you can wash gold and gemstones out of the mountain water directly at Baron's Heimalm at the end of the trail.

baby carriage and baby carriers rental

Tilly's forest trail

  • For young and old explorers
  • Trail data: approx. 2.5 km, 300 hm 
  • Walking time: 1.5 hours, plan more time with children


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  • Panoramic hike: Hochalm mountain station, Gschlößlalm no. 12 red, Hochbergbauer, Wörth
  • Trail data: approx. 5 km, 780 hm
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Explore the picturesque route to the Gschlösslalm and be enchanted by the breathtaking panorama. The hiking trail offers magnificent views of Wörth and the side valleys of Rauris: Forsterbachtal, Hüttwinkltal and Seidlwinkltal. The path is lined with rare flowers and herbs. Enjoy the tranquillity and idyll of this hike. An unforgettable experience for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet.

Round trip to Waldalm

  • Round trip: Hochalm mountain station, Baron's Hochalmhütte via the Gstatterhochalm to the Waldalm hiking trail no. 12 (red) continue via hiking trail no. 10 (blue) to Baron's Heimalm
  • Trail data: approx. 4.5 km, 350 hm
  • Walking time: 2 hours

Discover the Waldalm circular hiking trail in the Hohe Tauern National Park, ideal for families and hiking enthusiasts. Start at the Hochalmbahn mountain station and follow a moderately difficult path via the Gstatterhochalm to the Waldalm and back to the Heimalm. Enjoy the fantastic views and picturesque nature along the way. The well-marked paths offer safe hiking fun for all ages. Experience the alpine beauty on a tour full of natural highlights.

Schwarzwand - Reißrachkopf

  • Challenging mountain hike: Hochalm mountain station via Hochkar and Seekarsee (no. 116 blue) to the Schwarzwand, continue via the Gipfelbahn mountain station to the Reißrachkopf
  • Trail data: 5 km, 430 hm
  • Walking time: 3 hours

This demanding mountain hike promises a real mountain experience that will test your stamina and endurance. With the reward of two summit cross entries in one day - Schwarzwand 2,194 m and Reißrachkopf 2,210 m - it is a real challenge for mountain lovers. The trail leads past the crystal-clear Seekarsee lake. At the end, not only the conquest of two summits awaits, but also the fulfillment of an unforgettable adventure in the mountains.

5-summit tour

  • For summiteers: Hochalm mountain station, Schwarzwand, Reißrachkopf, Hirschkopf, Baukogel, Roßkopf
  • Trail data: 14 km, 480 hm
  • Walking time: approx. 5-6 hours

The 5-summit tour is ideal for summiteers and includes five impressive summits: Schwarzwand (2,194 m), Reißrachkopf (2,210 m), Hirschkopf (2,252 m), Baukogel (2,224 m) and Roßkopf (2,039 m). The descent is possible via the Penninghofalm to Hundsdorf. This challenging summit tour promises a special kind of mountain experience and requires a good level of fitness, stamina and surefootedness. Each summit offers a unique panorama and rewards your efforts with unforgettable moments in the midst of nature. This tour is both a challenge and an incomparable adventure for all those who love the mountain air and the beauty of the mountains.